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Employee Enhancement Program

This program has demonstrated effectiveness in improving the job retention rates of new workers.

Evaluations were conducted with twelve local companies that sent over 80 new employees to this program. Prior to their participation in this program these companies had an overall job retention rate of 45% for their recently hired workers.

  • Overall, the retention rates improved to 74% for trainees that attended the program but did not receive the WIB certified credential.
  • And, the retention rates jumped to 90% for attendees that completed the program and received the WIB certified credential.

The Workforce Investment Board of Columbia and Greene Counties has developed this four module workshop to help new employees develop the soft skills necessary for success on the job. The classes are offered on a bi-monthly basis.

Workshop topics include:

Having it All-Managing Your Job & Your Life

  • Importance of Work Ethics
  • Basic Employee Responsibilities
  • Work/Life Balance

Employee Strategies for Creating On-the-Job Success

  • Professionalism in the Workplace
  • Benefits of Professional Behavior

Communication at Work; Pulling Together-Being Part of Your Work Team

  • Success Strategies for Workplace Communication
  • Communication for Teambuilding

Business is a Service Thing- Excellent Customer Service

  • Internal & External Customers
  • Treating your co-workers as customers
  • Techniques for delivering excellent customer service
  • Consequences of poor service

Grant funding is available for businesses who send employees with less than 4 months on the job, and who are willing to provide a post-class evaluation of their employee’s skill gain. The employees must be making less than $16.00 per hour.

For other employees, the four-module program cost is $175.00 or $50.00 per module. There is also a one-time book fee of $10.00.

Call or email today to see how the Employee Enhancement Program can benefit your business!